Core Competencies

AMS can provide services in a number of specialist areas including:

  • Port VTS installations including Radar integration
  • Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS)
  • Meteorological Ocean Sensors
  • Radar Systems
  • Tsunami Systems
  • Automatic Weather Stations
  • Maritime and Aviation Safety Apparatus
  • Oil Spill Support Equipment

  • Visual Signalling
  • Telemetry and Remote Monitoring Systems.
  • Buoy Deployment/Retrieval
  • Radio and Satellite Communication
  • Floating Aids
  • Radar Dome (Radome) Maintenance
  • Maritime Structures
  • Remote Area Power Supplies

Core Competencies

Site Visits and Audits

AMS has extensive experience in performing site visits and audits on client assets and equipment.  AMS has a range of standard inspection reports that cover the equipment and systems...

Management and Integration of Technology Projects

AMS has extensive experience in managing projects of various complexity and size both in Australia and overseas.  It has at its disposal a multi-skilled workforce with knowledge and experience...

Remote Area Logistics

For customers a significant cost within their operations lies in the area of remote area logistics. AMS’ core business involves working in remote marine environments.  As maintainers of marine...

Construction and Repair of Maritime Structures

Repair of Steel Reinforced Concrete AMS staff has extensive experience in the repair of spalled concrete in marine environments, having been involved in many projects on marine structures around...

Supply, Installation and Maintenance

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Navigational Aids, AIS, Buoys, Radar, Sea level Monitoring Systems and Meteorological Ocean Equipment Supply and Servicing of Maritime and Aviation Safety Apparatus...

System Design and Integration

From concept to delivery, AMS is able to provide a complete design service which is innovative, cost effective, technically sound and suitable for a variety of environments.  Our strategic...