Marine Structures

Structures that support maritime aids to navigation usually represent the single largest investment by an aid to navigation authority. These include buoys towers, piles, composite structures and heritage lighthouses. AMS holds turnkey contracts for the management of specialised marine assets and is able to draw on an extensive vein of experience and knowledge to apply best practice to the inspection, assessment, maintenance and repair of marine assets.

AMS staff have also managed a number of improvement projects, many of which involved the design of innovative, technically sound structures that are cost effective, visually appropriate and suitable for the marine environment.

AMS has the capability and experience to undertake a variety of work on maritime structures including concrete remediation & repair, treatment/prevention of corrosion, steel fabrication and repair, industrial painting and coating, heritage repair work and cyclone repairs.

Many aids to navigation have historical significance and may be subject to heritage classification.

AMS Staff have worked with personnel from the Heritage Commission, State and Federal Government Agencies and other stakeholders to develop Conservation and Management plans for various historically significant assets. AMS personnel understand and appreciate the special nature of heritage classified assets and are conversant with maintenance practices applied to such structures.

AMS has completed many successful projects on marine structures in sensitive environments and has an in depth understanding of the environmental aspects and the potential of impacts that such activities present.

Marine Structures

GRP Structures

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Cathodic Protection

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Concrete Remediation & Repair

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