AMS Awarded Two Major Government Contracts

AMS Awarded Two Major Government Contracts

Australian Maritime Systems is awarded two major landmark contracts that aim to protect reef and ensure swift response and provide highly reliable Aid to Navigation network

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has awarded two substantial new contracts to provide emergency towage services in Far North Queensland and maintain the entire national aids to navigation network to Australian Maritime Systems (AMS).

AMS entered into contract with AMSA February 5 2014 following a rigorous open tender process which began in 2013,

AMS will maintain AMSA’s aids to navigation network and provide a Level 1 emergency towage capability under the contract. Both contracts are fixed price for a term of ten years.

The aids to navigation it will assist in maintaining include traditional lighthouses, beacons, buoys, Racons, Differential Global Positioning System stations, radars, Automatic Identification System stations, broadcasting tide gauges, wave rider buoys and a weather station.

Australian Maritime Systems will provide targeted innovation and upgrade various aspects of the aids to navigation network during the contract period.