About Our Team

Collectively, our staff bring together hundreds of years experience in the area of Design and Technology, Asset Management and Maintenance/Support.

We believe our people are our biggest investment so we ensure that we attract and retain the best and brightest people by providing them a safe and challenging work place. AMSG is a fast paced, team-centred work environment with unlimited growth potential and unbridled opportunities to explore new technologies and innovative solutions.

In-house skills for the customisation of electronic technology and ocean and land-based structures, enables us to offer complete turnkey solutions. Strategic alliances with specialists, allow us to draw on a vast range of expertise to verify design data and confirm suitability of manufacturing and installation processes.

Our team have a deep commitment to ensure our clients and customers’ needs are achieved and the work that is performed, whether systems design, equipment installation or maintenance services, are completed and delivered to meet and exceed both the safety and quality standards required for mission critical systems, and infrastructure for which we support.

AMSG is an equal opportunities company that is committed to the development of its employees and the industry we work within as a whole. All divisions within AMSG operate under a strict Code of Ethics to ensure we meet both Australian Business and Ethical Community Standards.

Meet Our Management Team

Henry Barclay

Chief Financial Officer

Shannon Hobbs

General Manager Business Development & Strategy

Shane Urbas

Aviation Manager;
QHSE Manager

Simon Brooks

General Manager Operations

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